repost: detailed scan done at 28weeks Pregnancy

Repost. Detik kandungan #babyHA #littlefighter yang penuh emosi dan mendebarkan bermula @28weeks after detailed scan done… #Repost @aliahtarmizi with @repostapp.


A believer’s response to hardship and uncertainty
This is exactly what Allah tells us about life. It is going to look, sound, and feel very, very real. At times it’s going to scare us. At times it’s going to make us cry. At time’s it’s going to make us flee, instead of standing firm — even more firm– in our places. 

But this life and everything in it is only a test. It is not actually real. And like that test of emergency broadcast system; it is training us for what is real. It is training us for the Reality beyond the test siren. 

Their response was not to look at the test. Their response was to look through it. They looked through the illusion and focused on the One behind it: God. They realized that, not only was Allah (swt) the giver of the test, He was the only one who could save them from it. And so they beseeched Him for His help through repentance, sabr, and perfecting their moral character (taqwa)
Once we change our lens with which we see our lives, our internal and external response drastically changes. When the righteous before us were tested, it only increased them in faith and obedience. The Quran recounts: “When the Believers saw the Confederate forces, they said: ‘This is what Allah and His Messenger had promised us, and Allah and His Messenger told us what was true.’ And it only added to their faith and their zeal in obedience.” (Quran,33:22)
However until we change that lens, we will never move beyond,”how could this happen to us” to realize the true purpose of the test itself: a created tool to purify, strengthen and bring us closer to the Creator of you, me and all our enemies. -Yasmin Mogahed-


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